Designer focus: BELLE

Designer focus: BELLE

The latest brand to join the UMA family, meet BELLE, an ethically-made brand crafted for an eternal summer.

Founded by Annabelle Noelle, BELLE is a truly international project, with roots in the US and is now based in Bali, where its production is centred in Mangwi.

At the heart of BELLE is a desire to challenge the current fashion model to do less with more, fostering an uncompromising commitment to quality, responsibility and transparency.

Finding ever-changing inspiration across spaces and communities, BELLE’s signature silhouettes tread the perfect balance between subtle and sensuality.

In our shoot for Drop 2, we took inspiration from spaces of transit to see BELLE's most coveted pieces come to life.

Photographer: Grete Tuberik
Stylist: Karla Gonzalez
Talent: Mia Ferrall and Tiffany Yuan

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