Introducing UMA

Introducing UMA

Welcome! We’re so pleased you’re here. 

To introduce ourselves, we are Amy Ayron and Hannah Borg, co-founders of UMA Store. 

An online multi-brand apparel and accessories store, our mission is to create a space celebrating the art of dressing up that is both welcoming and celebratory. We’re curating clothes for you, for a good time. 

UMA Store was first cooked up over wines and hot chips at the pub in 2022, where we bonded over a shared love of fashion - more specifically, how fashion can bring a sense of lightness to our lives and confidence to our days. 

We believe that the act of getting dressed can (and should) be a joyful one, but felt this sensibility was often missing in our community here in Melbourne.

Both working in industry across Melbourne, Sydney, London and New York over the last 10+ years, we have also seen the impact of mass casualisation on the fashion industry, and a changing relationship to occasionwear.  

The need to find joy in the act of getting dressed up hasn't shifted (perhaps it's only grown) but what we are wearing and where we are going certainly has. We are more consciously selecting special pieces that can be styled again and again, and worn again and again - to all kinds of occasions. Enter, casual occasionwear.  

People-centric and with tongue firmly in cheek, we’re here to champion creativity and originality  by showing both new and established designers creating special garments for the good times in your life.

We hope our curation resonates with you, and inspires you to reimagine the joy of getting dressed.

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