UMA Designer Spotlight: Aprés Studio

UMA Designer Spotlight: Aprés Studio


Founded in 2019, Aprés Studio burst into every fashion girlies consciousness swiftly  - and now we can't imagine our wardrobe without their beautiful pieces. Creating slick wearable styles, we turn to Aprés Studio to make us feel cool yet feminine, dressed yet never overdressed. With the makers hand never far away from an Aprés piece, ethical production and reduced environmental impact are stitched into each piece.

Aprés Studio's founder Meg answered some of our burning questions on her inspiration, creativity and discussed being haunted by.... bridesmaid dresses (!).

UMA: What was the inspiration behind your last collection? 
Meg: I usually design whatever we are feeling like wearing at HQ but can't find. I've been wanting to make pieces that elevate your everyday look effortlessly [then] also some occasion wear that adds extra pizazz and sparkle to when you want to feel cool and exciting but not predictable. Fabrics have been the biggest inspiration for this.

UMA: How does your life experience inform your creativity? 
Meg: I do really need to live an experience and test out some concepts [before] I launch them into the world. Both of my sisters just got married and the lack of innovative yet flattering bridesmaid and bridal wear haunted me. There will be some pieces that speak to this coming in the future. They still don't know their weddings were business experiments!

UMA: What piece in your wardrobe defines any outfit when it's worn? 
Meg: ... My lingerie or underwear and shoes really set the tone for the rest of my outfit. 

Minimalist or maximalist? 
Meg: More is more baby. I find myself being a maximialist during the week because I almost feel like I play a role in the running of my business. Then on the weekend I feel like a minimalist where I relax a little more and try far less.

What was the last thing you wrote down in your apps note?
Meg: My sisters wedding speech!!

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