UMA (The Making Of)

UMA (The Making Of)

Good people, good clothes.

When the shoot playlist is named Sav Daddy Chill you know you're in for a good day. Between mouthfuls of homemade gingerbread cookies (Thank you Kaz <3) and salad sandwiches, between bulldog clips and masking tape, the most wonderful and beautiful people helped bring UMA's first drop to life.

The culmination of lot of hard work, but in the end...we got the shot.

Below, a BTS look at UMA's Drop 1 e-comm shoot. 
Location: The Get Down
Model: Tess 
H&MU: Kaz Burton
Styling: Em Stanley
Styling Assist: Brea Jordan
Photographer: Jesse O'Brien
BTS Photographer: Dave McCarthy
Playlist: Sav Daddy Chill


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